Osaka & Kyoto 2014

This is my first time travelling to Japan, Osaka and Kyoto are highly recommended by my friends because all the places are not too far away. But to covered all places 8 days are not really enough.

Before I travel , 1st of all I need to contact a hospital to book my dialysis. I find difficulties in  finding a hospital in Osaka, I have sent english email and google translated email to their website but for 4 months still haven’t received any reply. This make me wanna give up but luckily I remember I can ask my cousin help who working in Osaka but back to Malaysia for good.

I sent him the email In English then he help me translate to Japanese in their website Enquiry form. Wow! the reply come in the next day!

To secure a place for dialysis you need to email them:-
1. Doctor Letter
2. Medical Report
-Latest blood test
-everything related to your dialysis treatment (machine,heparin,needle,pump speed)
*your doctor will know what to write